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What is CS Live@Home?

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Lessons from popular instructors
You can watch anytime and anywhere.
With an affordable monthly fee, you can enjoy a highly immersive experience.
Unlimited viewing of exercise videos!
Bringing smiles and health to your lifestyle
An online fitness site.

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Experience the world of CS Live@Home!

CS Live@Home 5 POINTs


Enjoy together!

CS Live@Home's commitment!
Communication time before and after live lessons,
Exclusive events for members only...
while connecting online
And while encouraging each other with a smile
Let's enjoy exercise♪


of the sports club
Make your studio lessons more fun!

"I want to participate in studio lessons from now on."
From a beginner who said, "I want to learn choreo quickly."
"I want to master the movement of 〇〇!"
For studio fans...
For preparing and reviewing lessons at home
You can use it!


of instructors nationwide
Experience the lesson!

Proud of Central Sports
Popular instructors appear!
your favorite instructor
The fun of finding
It's unique to online live.
To the enthusiastic performance of the instructors
Please pay attention!


my home
to the fitness studio!

We have a wide variety of “@Home lessons” available, so
You can enjoy exercising whenever you like.
of remote workers and child-rearing generations
A breather for everyone's gap time,
Gifts for family members who live far away, etc.
Please find your own way of enjoying!


Enhancing “home time”

How are you spending your “home time”?
To enrich your life...
Use this precious time to keep yourself and your family healthy.
It seems that more and more people want to use it.
There are plenty of easy exercises that you can do easily, so
"I want to adopt new healthy habits"
For those who want to have fun with the whole family
Recommended ♪


What is the usage fee?

Monthly unlimited viewing membership (general) 3,300 yen (tax included), monthly unlimited viewing membership (Central Sports member) 1,100 yen (tax included)

Live lessons for an affordable monthly fee
Exercise videos are available for unlimited viewing.
We also offer a free trial viewing period.
First of all, please feel free to register as a member!

How to watch

How can I watch it?

For live lessons and videos,
You need to register (enroll) as a CS Live@Home member.

STEP1 First, register as a new member!
STEP2 View course selection & payment registration
STEP3 Membership registration (admission) is complete!

How to watch live lessons

  • After logging in to the site, select the "LIVE LESSON" category.
    When the live lesson start time comes, the live video will be delivered to the window.
  • The live lesson schedule can be found on the menu bar on the left side of the TOP page.
    You can check it from "Live Broadcast Schedule".
  • Archive video of live lessons
    We will keep it for each category, so you don't have to worry if you miss the live!

You can check the details of the program

It is a traditional health method that originated in ancient India.
By harmonizing the mind, body and mind, we will improve your physical condition.
The focus is on learning basic movements and breathing techniques.
A method with a history of 100 years,
The muscles in the back of the body (inner muscles) are supple,
I'm going to fix it to be strong.
Tone your body and improve your posture.
Dance fan
It is an aerobic exercise that incorporates various dance elements.
While having fun moving your body to the music
Burn excess fat.
Dance wave
Enjoying dance music
It is an aerobic exercise that moves the body with simple steps.
Recommended for those who want to dance better.
Original aero
Taking advantage of the instructor's originality
This is an aerobics class.
Enjoy personalized lessons.
Rhythm ride
Excellent fat burning effect!to the music
Recommended for those who want to sweat refreshingly
bike program.
Power ride
Ultimate energy consumption!A sense of accomplishment! !
Perfect for shaping the whole body
High intensity bike program.
Body makeup training
Balanced training of muscles throughout the body
Aim for a well-balanced body.
Fight Attack BEAT
Perform authentic martial arts movements to music.
Effective for strengthening the trunk and tightening around the waist.
Fight Attack PRO
Consisting of full-fledged martial arts movements,
A simple and exciting class.
Strengthening of the trunk and waist shape,
Effective in relieving stress.
Fighting core
Combining martial arts and core training
body training program.
With agile and supple movements,
Tightens the body in a well-balanced manner.
Fighting DOJO
Incorporating simple martial arts training movements,
It is a program that allows you to relieve stress while enjoying music.
Each part is 3 minutes, depending on physical strength
you can proceed.
Shape pump
Strength training is performed using a barbell.
Shape pump step up class.
legs, chest, back, arms, shoulders, abdomen,
Training that works for each part.
Power pump
strength training with a barbell
Shape pump step up class.
For moving by combining multiple actions according to music
It is a program that gives you a sense of accomplishment in a short period of time.

In addition, we will also hold online member-only lessons!
Please look forward to it!

Customer Reviews

We collected the voices of customers who participated in the central sports online lesson!

  • It's always fun, and I'm crying and laughing at home.
    I learned that the limit that I can't overcome alone can be done with people all over the country!
  • It's good to be able to participate without a mask from home.
    I am grateful to be able to sweat refreshingly in an environment different from a sports club.
  • The sports club is on hiatus due to the corona crisis,
    I'm looking forward to the day I can participate in the studio lesson again.
    When I participated in the live lesson of the instructor who was indebted,
    It was so nice of you to reply to my chats and comments.
  • Join the lesson at home and have a fun lesson
    It's good to be able to enjoy it many times in the archive!
  • I enjoyed participating.I didn't get used to the stomach training, but it felt tough, but since I was at home, I did it a little bit (laughs), but I did my best!
  • I'm a big fan of 〇〇 Instructor♪
    It's fun to cheer while looking at the screen.
  • I am a member of a sports club.An unusual lesson from a performer
    It is attractive to receive.I hope that you will continue to enjoy the lessons.
  • Good evening!I had a good sweat today too.
    The instructor is good at making things exciting, so I tend to work too hard lol
    You can have a lot of fun online!
  • There is fun to find your favorite instructor.
  • In this day and age when we can't move around much, I've been looking forward to being able to take lessons from 〇〇 instructor at home\(^^)/ Today was also fun!
  • If you send a message to your favorite instructor,
    I was so happy that my name was called at the beginning and end of the lesson♪
    Thank you for your very clear explanation as always.
    Also thank you. m(__)m
  • I recently joined a sports club!After studying on this site
    Let's challenge the studio program!
  • Even if the sports club you go to is closed,
    I am very happy that I can participate in the lessons at home.
  • I am a housewife raising children.She used to go to a sports club,
    It's hard to find that time now.
    I am very happy to participate in a nostalgic program at home.
    I miss Fight Attack!I keenly felt the decline of my physical strength,
    I want to have a blast at the studio again someday!Until then, enjoy it with your family!

Experience the world of CS Live@Home!