Honolulu Marathon 2024 CENTRAL SPORTS TOUR [Date] 2024sun

Honolulu Marathon 2024 CENTRAL SPORTS TOUR [Date] 2024sun

Let's run together!
Let's all walk together!
At the Honolulu Marathon
Discover a new you!

The first Central Sports Honolulu Marathon Tour was held in 1989 with 24 runners.
Since then, until 2019, the tour has been held continuously for 31 years, bringing many smiles and moving experiences.
Having overcome the COVID-2024 pandemic, the tour will return for the first time in five years in December 12!

The world's largest citizen marathon! | Honolulu Marathon
2024.12.8 sun2024.12.8 sun

Start time: 5am

Full marathonFull marathon


10km Run & Walk10km Run & Walk


The day before! Fun run event | Kalakaua Merry Mile
2024.12.7 sat2024.12.7 sat

Start time: 7am

Full marathonFull marathon

(Approx. 1.6km/1 mile)

Honolulu Marathon Official Site

Honolulu Marathon

There is no time limit
Participants must be 7 years old or older

This is a tournament where even those with no experience can easily enter!
As long as you have the determination to complete the race, anyone can participate, including not only veteran runners but also first-time marathon runners and families with children.

Not only running,
A fun tournament to participate in

The event begins with a spectacular fireworks display before sunrise.
You can enjoy the city's illuminated decorations, which are unique to the Christmas season, and have fun running at the foot of Diamond Head, the symbol of Oahu, while watching the sunrise!

Aloha Spirit
Overflowing tournaments

On the day of the race, many people gather along the road to cheer on the runners. The warm and cheerful support of the locals will give you a mysterious energy boost on the long 42.195km journey. Not only the scenery, but also the interactions with the locals will surely be a lifelong memory!

10km Run & Walk10km Run & Walk

My first experience of the Honolulu Marathon!

This is an event that anyone can participate in, where you are free to run or walk the 10km from the starting point of the full marathon to Kapiolani Park.
It will start at the same time as the full marathon.

Kalakaua Merry MileKalakaua Merry Mile

Anyone can easily participate
Fun run event!

This is a fun run event held the morning before the Honolulu Marathon, where participants run one mile (about 1.6 km) along Kalakaua Avenue, the main street in Waikiki.
Anyone can participate, including those taking part in the tournament, as well as family and friends who are cheering them on.

Course map

Honolulu Marathon
10km Run & Walk
Kalakaua Merry Mile

Event Entry

Tournament entries must be made by the individual
Please complete the procedure.
*Tournament participation fees are not included in the tour price.

Honolulu Marathon

Age 7 or older on the day of the event

10km Run & Walk

No age limit

Kalakaua Merry Mile

Approximately 1.6 km (1 mile)
No age limit

1st period (Japan reception)
5.17 (Fri) - 10.15 (Tue)

37,000JPY 14,000JPY 8,000JPY

2st period (Japan reception)
10.17 (Thu) - 11.13 (Wed)

43,500JPY 15,000JPY 9,000JPY

Honolulu local reception Click here for details "
5.17 (Fri) - 10.15 (Tue)

US $ 400 US $ 120 US $ 70
A separate administrative fee (5% of the above fee) will be charged for reception in Japan.
Please note that once your application has been accepted, it will not be possible to cancel, change names, transfer rights, change the event you have applied for, or receive a refund of your entry or application fees.
If your entry is submitted after Thursday, October 10st, your name may not appear on the race bib.

From the Honolulu Marathon Japan Office
Please apply

Click here to enter the tournament

Central Sports
Tour points

Limited to 40 person

Small group & homely
Great tour!

To the races
Best Dates

5 nights 7 days tour
12.5 (Thu) - 12.11 (Wed)

This schedule allows you to take part in the race with plenty of time to spare and still savor the afterglow of your time in Hawaii after the race.

Waikiki area
4 Star Hotels

Waikiki Marriott
stay in hotel

Located close to the finish line at Kapiolani Park, this is the perfect location for both conditioning and enjoying Waikiki.

Departure and arrival at Haneda Airport

From all over the country
Convenient transfers!
Hawaiian Airlines

Click here for tour details

Exclusive to Central Sports Tours!

Special Support & Benefits

Bonus 1/4

Before departure

Online information session held
Holding a practice session at the Imperial Palace
(July, September, October)
Central Sports
Original gift
1. Running & Walking
②Running wear
Bonus 2/4

While in Honolulu

Round trip transfers between the airport and the hotel
(Dedicated car)
Dedicated tour desk in the hotel
Unlimited rides on the Waikiki Trolley
Central Sports
Instructor accompanies you
Bonus 3/4

The actual race

Self-test before the race
Taping seminar held
Hotel → Pick-up from the starting point (private car)
As a support runner
the instructor
We will guide you to the goal (planned)
Bonus 4/4

After the goal

Cool down & icing
Completion certificate collection service
Finisher's Party



Departing from Haneda (Plane/Direct) ≫ To Honolulu
---Crossing the International Date Line----

Arriving in Honolulu
Upon arrival, transfer to the hotel

*Option >> Recommended lunch in Hawaii with our staff
Pick up your bib number at the Hawaii Convention Center (scheduled)
hotel check-in

Sunset Jog
*Option >> Dinner with staff

Accommodation: [Waikiki Marriott Hotel (until December 12th)]


Morning Exercise
Commemorative photo with Diamond Head in the background

free movement
*Option ≫ Course preview (planned)

Sunset Jog
*Option >> Dinner with staff

12.7 sat12.7 sat

Kalakaua Merry Mile/Start time: 7:00
Morning Exercise &
KCC Farmers Market (Morning Market Tour)

free movement

Race Participation Briefing & Taping Seminar
*Option >> Dinner with staff

12.8 sun12.8 sun

Honolulu Marathon / Start time: 5:00
10km run & walk / Start time 5:00
★The main event of this tour! Let's enjoy it in a festival mood♪
★The instructor will also run alongside you as a support runner!

Cool down and ice after reaching the goal

Finisher's Party
★Let's share memories with all the tour participants♪


free movement

Pick up your completion certificate at the Hawaii Convention Center
*If you would like to have a day free, we can also pick up the item on your behalf!

*Option >> Dinner with staff


■ Day 6
After checking out of the hotel, take a bus to the airport
From Honolulu (Plane/Direct) ≫ To Haneda
---Crossing the International Date Line----

Overnight flight

■ Day 7
Arriving at Haneda
★Thank you for your hard work

Explained in manga! Tour image

Travel application destination

When contacting us by phone,
Tour code: [J578364]
Please tell us that you saw our website.

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[Tour planning and implementation]
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General travel agency manager: Takumi Hayakawa, Yumi Arai

[Inquiries regarding race participation, fitness club use, and training]
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Honolulu Marathon Photo: 🄫 HM-A / HONOLULUMARATHON