Central Sports Original Program Feel Pilates & Feel Yoga

AboutPilates & Yoga

About PilatesWhat is Pilates?
"Flexible body makeover"

Improve your posture and restore your body's natural functions
Exercises to help you recover.

  • By performing relaxed movements using chest breathing,
    It strengthens the inner muscles of the core and tightens the body from the inside.
  • Improve posture, increase flexibility and balance the body.

I recommend this hotel

  • Those who want to correct their body distortion and improve their posture
  • Those who want to strengthen their core muscles and aim for a body that is easy to move
  • Those who want to tighten and tone their body

About YogaWhat is Yoga?
"Leading the mind and body to a healthy state"

Through yoga poses and breathing techniques,
A workout that will reset and rejuvenate your body.

  • Focusing your attention inward helps to calm your mind.
    It leads to a state of vitality.
  • Improve posture, increase flexibility and balance the body.

I recommend this hotel

  • Those who want to improve their flexibility and correct body distortions
  • Those who want to improve their mind and body and relax

Feel seriescentral sports
What is the “Feel Series”?

Feel means to "feel with your hands" or "examine by touching."
There is a meaning.

While feeling for my own body condition
By doing exercise,
little by little
You will become aware of your body's state and how it works.

Of course, for those who want to face their own body,
Those who are not good at exercise
Even if you haven't exercised for a while,
You can do it according to your physical condition
Why not start with the Feel Series?

Central Sports Original Program Feel Pilates

Feel Pilates

Feel Pilates is the best way to improve the effectiveness of Pilates techniques.
Move your body and feel the condition and mechanism of your own body.
This is an original Central Sports program that helps you understand.
This is done on a mat using your own weight.

"Strengthen your core muscles"

It tones the entire body, especially the abdominal area.
When the axis is strong, the power to move from the core is increased,
It allows your body to move more efficiently.

"Stretch effect"

By combining breathing and movement, you can release muscle tension and relaxation.
It gives you more control and increases your flexibility.

"Improve your posture and body movements"

Because you move while being aware of your skeleton, your core will become stable.
It can improve your posture and make you look beautiful too.
It improves flexibility and balances the body,
You can get a supple body.

Feel Yoga

Feel Yoga is based on traditional yoga.
Feel points that match your body
Find a comfortable pose.
You can enjoy yoga comfortably.
This is an original program from Central Sports.
This is something that can be done at a reasonable intensity and difficulty.

  • Tone up your mind and body,
    It leads to a more comfortable state.
  • It relieves tension in the body and promotes metabolism.
  • Relieve stress.
  • Improves body distortion.

Workout Yoga

Learn the asana poses of the traditional oriental health method "Yoga"
Use your own body weight for repetitive strength training
Central Sports' original yoga program.
This is something that even those with stiff bodies can do with ease.

  • Body tightening and body shaping
  • Increased flexibility
  • Improve muscle strength, balance, core strength, and concentration
  • Relieve stress

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