personal training online

personal training online

personal training online

Do you have any problems?

  • I hate going to the gym
  • I want to stay healthy at home
  • I want to further improve the effect of exercise at the gym + at home
  • I want to exercise without worrying about others
  • I want to do one-on-one training with a professional
  • I tried supplements and exercise with videos, but it didn't work

Recommended for such people!
PTC Personal Training Online
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*PTC: Abbreviation for Central Sports Personal Trainer Association

The ideal body that can be achieved at home

The ideal body that can be achieved at home

Central Sports Group's Personal is different here! Solve with the Personal Method!

01.Counseling and posture analysis

01.Counseling and posture analysis

For example ...

    1. I always carry my bag over my right shoulder
    2. right shoulder down
    1. doing office work
    2. Stooped, etc.

Counseling/posture analysis

Counseling/posture analysis

Analyzing the distortion of joints and posture in detail,
Risk associated with distortion
When exercising in a distorted posture, a painful place appears somewhere)
Take a minimizing approach.

moreover!Plenty of support through personal chart management!

02. Corrective approach

02. Corrective approach

For example ...

    1. For those with a sagging right shoulder
      Exercise to raise your right shoulder
      Left scruff stretch to lower left shoulder
      then at that moment
      Your shoulders will be parallel.

Creating a body that is easy to move by improving posture and adjusting balance

We will use various exercises and stretches to improve the muscle balance and postural distortions found in the postural analysis in 1.

* It is said that it takes 3 to 0 days to increase muscle mass considering the recovery period of cells.
If you just adjust the balance on the spot, there is an "immediate effect" and the effect will appear immediately.
* However, since it returns to its original state immediately, you can always get the correct posture by continuing to exercise in that state.

under the direction of the trainer
Noticeable improvement in posture!

  • Counseling/posture analysis

    Distortion of lower body muscle balance

  • Distortion of lower body muscle balance

    I can now stand on one leg perfectly!

  • banzai imbalance

    Distortion of muscle balance around the shoulders and neck

Start training with the correct posture!


Main training

Main training

    1. It's all over, finally training
      enter.Training with good posture
      "Easy to apply force" "No load"
      There is a huge advantage.

Training with a body that is easier to move.Improve your ability to adjust with your own power!

* Sessions may be held in a flow other than the above depending on the customer's situation and request.

analyze posture"eye"and fix it"arm"
PTC Personal Trainer's greatest strength!

Central Sports Group Specialist

Central Sports Group Specialist

This is what makes Central Sports Group personal different! Trainers are specialists with professional qualifications.

All personal trainers have about 70 hours
Passed PTC Personal Training Training Course
Or pass the official personal trainer qualification,
I am a PTC certified trainer.

Realize the effect

>Realize the effect

Approximately 25 trainees per year feel the effects of training*Based on our sales performance in 2019

Approximately 25 trainees per year feel the effects of training

  • The stoop has improved and the pain in the waist is gone!
  • Thanks to a trainer that suits me, I was able to make exercise a habit.
  • I had no experience exercising and was unsure if I could continue.
    When I started to try it, I could feel the effect and I was able to continue while enjoying it!
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Personal training

This is the difference between the Central Sports Group's Personal! Fee system divided into grades

even online personal
Configured with individual pricing

  • Personal trainer 60 minutes 7,000 yen
  • Expert personal trainer (bronze color) 60 minutes 8,000 yen
  • Master personal trainer (silver color) 60 minutes 9,000 yen
  • Elite personal trainer (gold color) 60 yen for 10,000 minutes

* Various 30-minute courses are also available.

How to take lessons


Access the reservation page below,

  • menu selection
  • personal trainer selection
  • time selection
  • Please proceed with credit card payment.

STEP.2 Participation preparation

By the day of the lesson, please send the participation URL
We will send it by email.
A space where you can connect your devices and exercise
Please be prepared and wait.

zoom meeting

* Please download the Zoom app in advance on the device that will be used during the course.
Details can be found in the reservation confirmation email.

STEP.3Lesson start

Enjoy talking and exercising with your trainer online.

  • A space where the whole body is reflected * 1
  • Spacious enough to lie on your back or face down
  • 4G line (Communication is also possible with Wi-Fi) *2
  • Web camera and microphone or digital device with built-in
    (PC, smartphone, tablet terminal, etc.)

*1. Please note that the background of the customer's room, etc. may be reflected in the photo.

*2. Communication costs will be borne by the customer.

outside the club
Connect with a PTC Personal Trainer
Let's make health!

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