Based on our corporate philosophy of
Participated in the 1964 Tokyo Olympics
Starting with Tadaharu Goto,
Until 2024, gold medalist Daichi Suzuki (competitive swimming),
Including Hiroyuki Tomita and Takehiro Kashima (gymnastics),
A total of 34 people, including Kayawama and Wataru Tanigawa (gymnastics)
We have produced Olympians and Paralympians.

“Developing world-class athletes”
Central Sports' philosophy is to connect across generations,
including many children
Spreading to athletes,
Teaching methods and techniques are constantly evolving.
Everyone who goes to the club, athletes, staff,
Each one is connected and supports each other,
We move forward towards our respective goals.
Founded 55 years ago.
TEAM CENTRAL has connected, expanded, and evolved.
We will continue to do our best to support the future and present of children.

Supporting and connecting each other Supporting and connecting each other

Central sports started with baby swimming.
Enter the player development course from an older age,
Participated in the national tournament in the fifth grade of elementary school.
While practicing with players I admire,
I felt the desire to compete in the world.

The nervous system is 5% from birth to about 80 years old,
Almost 12% developed by age 100.
From infancy to childhood, the nervous system develops markedly.
An important period when neural circuits are formed.
It is effective to start exercising early.

Baby swimming Baby swimming

I started competing in gymnastics because I aspired to become a gymnastics medalist.
I have been practicing hard to chase my dreams.
Pursuing your dreams is fun
I think that's a good thing.
I want you to have fun and try what you like.

The physical education school
We will guide you according to the contents of elementary school classes.
Including horizontal bar, vaulting box, mat, ball exercise and
By challenging various events,
Develop general motor skills.

Gymnasitics school Gymnasitics school

Started at Central's swimming school.
The things you can do gradually increase and you gain confidence!
I have become more positive about many things!

Start by getting used to water,
Learn 4 strokes and individual medley.
In addition to improving fitness and technique,
Rules and manners in collective action,
You can develop your ability to make friends and cooperate.
own program,
Supports healthy growth of mind and body.

kids swimming kids swimming
Player training course Player training course

All people involved in CENTRAL SPORTS,
Words that indicate that we are on one team (friends),
Everyone supports each other,
towards each goal
Connecting stories.
55 years so far. And for the next 100 years as well.
Would you like to start too?
Take a step towards your dream with us.

Let's start with Central Sports!

Let's start with Central Sports!