Special introduction campaign from May 5st (Wednesday) to June 1th (Sunday)

Great benefits for both introducers and members

"Fitness Introducer Benefit" Monthly membership fee for half a month is free [Target] Limited to registered members during the period.
"Fitness Member Benefits" Registration fee 0 yen + monthly membership fee free for half a month [Eligible people] From March 2023 to customers who have no history of membership and who have been enrolled for at least 3 months from the month of enrollment until the end of the following month. Let me do it.
  • *Cannot be used in conjunction with campaign benefits that are being held at the same time.
    Monthly membership fees will be discounted up to half price for one month during the campaign period.
  • *If you apply for online membership, the first monthly membership fee will be halved.
  • *The condition is that the member remains enrolled for 2 months.
    It is possible for one introducer to introduce multiple members, but
    During the period, the discount will be applied to the introducer only once (up to half a month free).
  • *Some stores may not be offering this service. Please see the club homepage for details.
  • *The last business day differs depending on the club.
From adults to kids, from kids to adults OK! You can easily introduce yourself via LINE or email!
Click here if the referrer or enrollee is a Kids School member Click here if the introducer or enrollee is a sports school

Referral procedure flow

You can easily introduce yourself through LINE or email.


  1. 1Download the introduction image below.

    Special introduction campaign introduction image
    For PC
    Right click on the image and save the image to your device.
    For smartphone
    Press and hold the image to save the image to your device.
  2. 2If you send the following 4 points to the person you want to introduce by LINE or email,

    • Downloaded introduction image 
    • of the member
      • full name
      • Membership number 10 digits
      • Club name

    Referrals are required to complete the above at the club you are joining.
    We will accept your presentation.


From the WEB membership button of the club you wish to join,
Please complete the registration form.
In the procedure when you visit the club,
Please present the "introduction image" and the information of the introducer.