One trial fee is free with a referral from a member!

Bring a friend campaign

For kids school members, friends and siblings

If you are introduced by a registered member, you can get one free trial!
  • *You can apply for multiple event experiences, but
    The free trial is limited to one time per event during the period.
  • *When paying the trial fee,
    Please tell us the name of the person who introduced you.
  • *Please search by specifying the area from the nationwide club search.
  • *Experienceable events and fees vary depending on the club.
    Please contact the club you are applying for for details.

During the period, new members will receive a present when they join through a referral.

2% OFF designated dancewear at the enrollment school (50 items will be given for the mixed course!)! *Upper class swimsuits are 20% off. + School bag * Excluding baby swimming + Card issuance fee 0 yen
  • *Benefits will be handed out by the end of the month following the enrollment procedure date.
  • *The maximum discount for upper class swimwear is 20%. (Discount cards cannot be used together.)
  • *Some clubs do not offer this service.Please see the club homepage for details.
  • *Benefits will be applied only to the referrer and the enrolled person.
    It cannot be transferred to another person.
  • *If the introducer/member is a fitness member or sports school member,
    Benefits vary.Please check each club's website for details.

Present for introducer

Swim cap or school designated wear privilege 50% off designated dance wear! [Target] Limited to registered members.
  • *Upper class swimwear and caps are 20% off.
  • *For the benefits of the mixed course, members will also receive only one type of gift.
  • *It is possible for one introducer to introduce multiple new members, but the benefits will not be given to the introducer.
    Limited to once during the campaign period.
  • *Benefits will be handed out by the end of the month following the enrollment procedure date.
From adults to kids, from kids to adults OK! You can easily introduce yourself via LINE or email!

Referral procedure flow

You can easily introduce yourself through LINE or email.


  1. 1Download the introduction image below.

    Introduction image of the friend introduction system
    For PC
    Right click on the image and save the image to your device.
    For smartphone
    Press and hold the image to save the image to your device.
  2. 2If you send the following 4 points to the person you want to introduce by LINE or email,

    • Downloaded introduction image 
    • of the member
      • full name
      • Membership number 10 digits
      • Club name

    Referrals are required to complete the above at the club you are joining.
    We will accept your presentation.


From the WEB membership button of the club you wish to join,
Please register on the enrollment reservation form.
In the procedure when you visit the club,
Please present the "introduction image" and the information of the introducer.