Sitting by the pool and singing songs from stomach to head
I'm going to sprinkle water on it.

Get into the water with your dad or mom and sway in your arms.
While moving away from the body and performing high, high, etc.,
Relax in the water.
Once you get used to it, stretch your body and challenge kicks!

Dive into the water, bubbly, and practice breathing
By practicing diving, we will remove the fear of water. The staff will support you, so please feel free to participate.

Use slides and tunnels to move your body,
Everyone uses balls of various colors,
Have lots of fun in the pool with your friends.

*The above is an example. It may differ from the actual lesson content.

Suitable for children from 6 months to 3 years old.

Parents are responsible for supporting their child's movements.
No swimming experience is required.

If you are a parent of a child, it does not matter if it is a father, grandparent, or other person other than the mother.

If you are XNUMX weeks or more pregnant and there are no abnormalities in the course of your pregnancy, you can participate after consulting with your doctor.
We ask that you submit a separate consent form.

It's okay if you don't force yourself to attend the class. Even if you can't practice like everyone else, just playing in the pool will gradually get you used to the water. The coach in charge will look after your child and support you.