What is “Pakumogu Challenge”?
With the theme of "Learn about food, eat it, and enjoy it,"
To help children maintain a healthy body,
Learn about food as a family
This is a food education program.
This program is
central sports
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*1: Member of swimming, physical education, dance, and athletic ability development school.
*2: This is an app exclusively for Central Sports Kids School.
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A heart that values ​​children's food,
have a well-balanced meal
Develop the ability to make your own choices.

25 class
wash your hands
24 class
You can say “Itadakimasu” and “Thank you for the meal”
23 class
Let's eat well
22 class
Let's have breakfast
21 class
Become a chopstick expert
20 class
Learn about seasonal ingredients (spring)
19 class
Learn about seasonal ingredients (summer)
18 class
Learn about seasonal ingredients (autumn)
17 class
Learn about seasonal ingredients (winter)
16 class
The secret of vegetables and potatoes
15 class
Food transformation (soybeans, rice)
14 class
Food transformation (milk, potatoes)
13 class
Let's compare the life of the past and the life of the present.
12 class
Let's find out about the local zoni
11 class
Look at food labels
10 class
Let's learn about rice
9 class
Let's learn about vegetables
8 class
Let's learn about side dishes
7 class
Learn about cow milk and dairy products
6 class
Let's learn about fruits
5 class
Let's learn about complementary feeding
4 class
Build strong bones
3 class
Let's prevent anemia
2 class
Learn how to eat for the tournament
1 class
Let's think about the menu
Extra edition
Let's make breakfast!

There are 25 items in total, and if you clear the quiz
Grades (25th grade to 1st grade) will be certified.
In addition to each grade, there are ``beginner'', ``intermediate'', and ``advanced''.
When you clear
You can get medals.
*Medals will be presented through web content.

Correct answer
get medal
kids app

my name is
This is Ninjintaro.
with many friends
Aiming to become a food expert
let's do our best!