Central Sports physical education school is
Instruction tailored to elementary school class contentTo do.
Including horizontal bars, vaulting boxes, mats, ball exercises,
for various events
By taking on the challenge,
Develop general motor skills.

running, jumping, supporting, turning, etc.
The basics of exercise in general are not only gymnastics, but also
Elements that connect to all other sports
It contains many things and expands the future possibilities of children.

As a child, she was shy, but when she started gymnastics, she became more ambitious.
I still feel the joy of being able to do something that is impossible.

I think it is important to start gymnastics as early as possible because there are many basic movements that should be learned at a young age.
I also feel that it is not only good for your health, but also useful for other sports, as it trains your physical strength, muscle strength, and flexibility.

Through gymnastics, I learned how to never give up. I am willing to take on any challenge. Furthermore, my body became stronger, my motor nerves improved, and I was able to build a healthy body. Let's do our best in gymnastics together in a bright, fun and energetic way!

Practice can be difficult at times, but when you can perform well in a match that shows the results of your daily practice, you get a great sense of accomplishment.
I think it is very important to experience the joy of winning and the frustration of losing in a match.