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ATTRACTIONcentral sports
The fitness experience is attractive here!

Available for hours! / All-you-can-use pool and machines / All-you-can-use studio programs / All-you-can-use sauna and spa

*Facilities and services differ depending on the club.

But the actual "experience"
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STEPExperience flow

01.Book in advance!

Should I make a reservation for the next day off?

At Central Sports, you can experience every corner of the facility, such as using the machines, taking studio lessons, and using the gym and pool, with no time limit. If you make a reservation in advance from the web, you can use it without waiting.

What to Bring
  • athletic wear
  • Shoes
  • Swimwear (for those who use the pool)
  • towels, etc.

For those who participate in studio lessons

At some stores, we accept applications for participation in studio lessons online from one week in advance.
If you would like to experience a studio lesson, please make a reservation in advance.

Click here for target stores and reservation method


Check the facility guide
Start using!

Please arrive well in advance of your reservation time.At check-in, we will guide you to the changing room, so please change your clothes there.

We also have rental items

Some clubs rent towels and shoes for a fee.If you would like to rent equipment, please let us know at the reception.

03.Experience start!

The Central Sports Experience offers a wide range of facilities.
For example, work up a sweat in the gym area or swim in the pool.
By all means, please try to move your body in the area you are interested in.


Based on our corporate philosophy of
Lots of studio programs!

Central Sports offers a variety of studio programs, from exercises aimed at burning fat and muscle training, to relaxing programs for conditioning.If you participate in the ongoing studio program, you will have a more concrete image of what it would be like to go to Central Sports.You should be able to find a program that interests you from among our wide range of programs!

to the original program

@gym area

Feel free to use it to train areas of concern or exercise in groups.If you don't know how to use the weight machine, feel free to ask the instructor.In the gym area, small group lessons "Jimsumo" are also available.

You can use the pool and the machines as much as you want...!Up to the studio program!I'm greedy, but I'm happy to be able to experience various things!


Even if you can't swim or you're not good at exercise, why not spend some relaxing time in the pool?You can expect the effect of stress relief just by relaxing in a swimsuit.The pool also offers programs such as swimming lessons and aquabics.

to the original program
It's great because you can experience it for hours!You can experience it on holidays or after work, so you can go at your own timing.

*Facilities and services differ depending on the club.

04.Unlimited use of sauna and spa!

Central Sports also has spa and sauna facilities where you can work up a sweat.
After training, you can sweat even more in the sauna.
Finally, it's good to wash away your sweat at the spa!The end of the experience is the sauna and spa!



In addition to shampoo and body soap, there is also a hair dryer, and you can also apply makeup in the powder room.
Also, depending on the store, there are esthetic and body care facilities that you can use.

*Facilities and services differ depending on the club.

05.End of experience

good job for today!We will propose a price plan that matches your lifestyle and time of use.If you have any questions about our facilities or services, please feel free to ask.

I was able to move my body and refresh!Join us and visit us regularly!
First of all, feel free to go to the store for an experience and tour!
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CONCERNED QUESTIONfitness club for the first time
It's okay to experience it!

A collection of fitness clubs that everyone is interested in

Even if you have no exercise experience
Can you go to fitness?

Some members come to improve their sports performance and muscle strength, but there are also many members who come to maintain their health and refresh themselves.Even if you are new to the sports club, the instructor will guide you through how to use it, so please feel free to visit us.

clothes for the experience
what happened
should i wear it?

Any clothes that are easy to move in are fine!Please also refer to the image below.Please bring a swimsuit if you want to use the pool.

image of clothes
For sports
quick drying
of material
Wear is recommended.
* For women, hair
If there is a hair band to tie
You can exercise comfortably.

Some stores offer paid rental services for T-shirts, pants (trousers), shoes, and towels.Please contact your club for details.

the fitness club
First time
Although it is,
right and left
I don't understand
what should I do…

The instructor will support you on how to use the facilities and how to use the machines.Please contact the club in advance if you would like support, as the hours that instructors are available vary from club to club.In addition, we also offer a service called "first time support" for those who wish to join after joining.It is a support program for new members, and the instructor will firmly support you until you acquire the correct training method.

Q&AOther Q&A

Q.What should I bring with me when using the experience?
Please prepare a T-shirt, pants (trousers), socks, indoor shoes, a towel, and a change of underwear.Please bring a swimsuit, cap and goggles when using the pool. * For women, it is convenient to have a rubber band to tie your hair.
Q.Is it okay to just visit?
Visitors are welcome to visit anytime during business hours without a reservation.Please let the reception know that you would like to visit the museum when you arrive.Our staff will guide you through the hotel. *The tour is free of charge.
Q.Can I experience it with my friends?
Of course you can. If you make a reservation from the web, please register one by one.In the case of a phone call, please contact the representative and we will accept it at once.
Q.Can I make a trial reservation even on the same day?
You can make a reservation on the same day as long as it is within business hours.Please note that we may not be able to meet your request on the day if you would like guidance or support from an instructor.
Q.Can I experience the program as well?
You can also participate in programs in the studio and pool.Please check the club website for some paid programs and programs that require advance reservations.
Q.Is there a time limit for the experience?
Unlimited use during club hours.Please note that the 24-hour club cannot be used during the midnight morning hours.
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