Enjoy studio lessons even more! Welcome to the world of CS Live

CS Live is a video streaming studio lesson held in a dark space using a large screen.

For those who are not good at exercising alone,
Studio lessons accompanied by the instructor's voice and music
It's a very efficient exercise that allows you to move your body in a fun way without getting bored.

CS Live offers a number of studio lessons that Central Sports Group is proud of.
It was created to make it easier and more effective for you to enjoy it.

The mind is connected and the body begins to move!
Please experience the ever-evolving world of CS Live! !

The appeal of CSLive

You can concentrate! That's why exercise is so effective!

But it's recommended for those who don't like exercising alone...
Studio lessons are performed in conjunction with the instructor's voice and music,
You can secure your exercise level very efficiently.

moreover! The dark environment and large screen for CS Live create a more immersive feeling and concentration!
You can experience the maximum effect of the lessons you participate in.

Challenge various genres! Easy to participate in lessons!

I'm interested in a space called a "studio"
I totally understand the feeling of hesitation to step in.

CS Live is also recommended for such customers! From our participating customers,
"Because it moves in the dark, you don't have to worry about what people around you see."
We have received comments such as ``I can concentrate on my movements without worrying about my surroundings.''

You can take lessons from instructors from all over the country!

Selected by Central Sports Group's proud instructors
A “CS Live performer” will be in charge of the lesson.

In order for participants to fully feel the effects of exercise,
Enjoy lessons from top instructors who have studied hard!

Introduction to the lesson program Introducing the performers
CS LIVE at home