Central Sports

For a wellness life full of smiles.
Based on our corporate philosophy of
"contributing to health promotion throughout one’s life," Central Sports supports the "promotion of a healthy mind and body".

Communities connected
by four generations

We are developing programs that support health promotion for all generations, from children to seniors.
Fitness programs that you can choose from a wide range of kids schools,
There are even programs for seniors that support the era of 100-year lifespans.
We propose a club life where four generations of families can connect and attend.

Choose according
to your lifestyle

24-hour gym, gym & studio type, large fitness club with pool, sauna and spa facilities
We have more than 200 facilities nationwide that match the lifestyles of our customers.
We support your physical and mental health and wellness.

We have research facilities

In 1982, Central Sports was the first in the private fitness industry to establish its own research institute.
Conducting various research and program development from the perspective of medical and sports science,
The results are utilized in sports instruction based on scientific evidence at each club and training of Olympic athletes.