Personal training

We support reasonable training according to each person's age, physical strength, and condition.
We will respond accurately to any request!

Flow of personal training

  1. a beautician

    • Information sharing between trainers and customers

    • Set goals you want to achieve

    • Create an exercise plan

  2. Corrective approach

    • Analysis of muscle strain and posture balance

    • Improve your posture and create a beautiful body line

    • Improving movement to create a body that is less likely to get tired

  3. Main training

    • Proper muscle stimulation with a well-balanced posture

    • Bring out the effect with a body that is easy to move
      Achieve your goals!


  • The general public

    8,800Yen(tax included)~

  • Members

    7,700Yen(tax included)~

*Prices vary depending on trainer rank.Please see our personal training program page for more information.

*Based on 60 minutes, various courses are available.

*Prices are different at The Premier Club and Sanbancho.Please check the store website for details.

Online Fitness CS Live@HOME

In your life,
A live performance full of presence at home
Unlimited lessons!

What is CS Live@HOME?

Deliver live lessons of popular instructors that Central Sports is proud of! You can watch immersive exercise videos anytime, anywhere. It is an online fitness site that brings smiles and health to the lifestyles of members, such as communication time with performers after live lessons and online events held exclusively for @Home members.


Monthly amount
3,300Yen(tax included)

Unlimited viewing of live lessons and exercise videos for 3,300 yen (tax included) per month!
In addition, you can participate in limited live lessons that only CS Live@Home members can watch, and limited events (some extra fees).