Introducing the school that is being carried out at central sports.
Please check the details page of each event for the participating clubs.
Why don't you find new hobbies and communities at the school, not just for learning skills?

  1. Tennis

    It is a lifelong sport that can be enjoyed by a wide range of people, from beginners to advanced players. With the slogan of fun and progress, we will give lessons that are conscious of winning games, relieving lack of exercise, and making friends.

  2. Golf

    I want to start playing golf, I want to make my course debut! It is recommended for anyone who wants. Experienced players can also aim to improve their scores with guidance tailored to their level.

  3. Squash

    Beginners welcome! Experienced coaches will help you improve your skills in a fun way. Although it is an individual competition, improve your competitiveness with your friends and have fun!

  4. Ballet

    Graceful and supple movements can be acquired by training the invisible parts from the inside regardless of age. You can also expect a shape-up effect, and you can maintain firm muscle strength.

  5. Hula

    We provide instruction for all levels, from beginner to advanced. Even beginners can start with confidence. You can continue while having fun connecting the sense of accomplishment with your friends to the next step.

  6. Street dance

    This is a school where you can experience the joy of dance. Age doesn't matter to get started!
    You can expect a diet and body make-up effect by moving your body while enjoying the rhythm.

Facility rental information

Central Sports offers rental facilities for a fee. Please check the rental conditions, application method, fees, etc. from the facility rental club.