Central Sports provides instruction based on the pillars of "exercise technique",
"nutrition education", and "etiquette and manners".

4 Features of Kids School

Coaching technology
with a 50-year history

The founder is an Olympian.
Over 50 years of school instruction know-how

Central Sports was founded by the swimmers and gymnasts of the 1969 Tokyo Olympics.
Based on the philosophy of "cultivating world-class athletes", we have produced more than 10 Olympians and Paralympians for 30 consecutive tournaments. Under the guidance of coaching staff backed by tradition and history, we nurture your child's future potential.

25 step advanced
curriculum system

Central Sports has a promotion system that allows you to step up according to your child's physical strength and level. This is an original promotion system for Central Sports designed to challenge and master in small steps. We will provide step-by-step instruction according to each individual and aim for a reliable step up.

Safety and security initiatives

  • Entrance/exit management

    We will notify you by e-mail to the registered address when your child checks in and out. It is a safe service for parents of children who go to the club alone.

    *Emails for entering and leaving the building will be sent only to those who request it.
    *In the event of a temporary cancellation of classes, we will notify you by e-mail, so we ask all members to register their e-mail addresses.

  • Free school bus

    We operate a school bus that runs multiple routes around the club. Those who live away from the club and children who go to school by themselves can use it with peace of mind.

    *Operating routes vary depending on the day of the week.
    *Some clubs do not operate school buses.

  • Safety management

    All staff regularly undergo safety training, including supplementary methods, with the aim of providing accident-free safety guidance.

support the first challenge
"Outdoor experience school"

Central Sports offers summer camps, snow camps, and seasonal day tours.
The aim is to train the body and nurture rich humanity through exciting experiences such as new challenges, new discoveries, and meeting friends in an environment different from regular school practice.

>See "Outdoor Experience School" in detail